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This is not what anyone voted for - is it???
18 Sep, 2019

The Polish Ambassador has written to 800,000 Poles living in the UK advising them to "seriously consider" returning to Poland in the event of Brexit proceeding. 

We are sure that very few people in Lincolnshire, the Leave capital of the UK imagined that this development would even be possible in 2016.


Some of our campaigners recall speaking to local voters in South Lincolnshire towns who all acknowledged the contribution of Polish workers and other EU Nationals to our food supply chain and apart from a small minority with racist views, no one was suggesting that they be forced to leave. It seems a dark moment in our national history that this is even happening.

Whilst we are campaigning to keep our place in Europe through a People's Vote, we also recognise that the current uncertainly is not good for anyone and that there will be many citizens of the EU27 countries who will be concerned about their futures.

Therefore we are adding some link to a vital resource which has been provided by the Mayor of London's Office with guidance on settled status in all European Languages.

A Local Resource for the East Midlands is Europe Direct

There is also a charity called Settled which is for vulnerable EU citizens. 

Finally there is an organisation called The3Million set up to give a voice to all EU27 Nationals in the UK.

To all EU Nationals living in Lincolnshire, we wish to make it clear that as long as we are in the EU, this is your home and we do not want you to leave. We want all our homes to be in Europe.