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Showing What the EU has done for Lincolnshire
25 Jul, 2017

Lincolnshire has a great heritage which forms a key component of the tourism offering in the county which is why the Brexit and Heritage briefing compiled by The Heritage Alliance caught our eye.

Historic England's research compiled by Euclid: ‘Assessing the European Union’s contribution to England’s historic environment’ includes Lincolnshire projects such as the Vocational Heritage Skills Centre created within the walls of Lincoln castle funded by £920,000 from the European regional development fund. This centre has transformed the tourism and heritage offering in our county town. A further £1M plus was allocated to the "Heritage Working for Business" project aimed at increasing sustainable enterprise in the uphill area of Lincoln, through a package of infrastructure connectivity enhancements. 

As we go about our daily lives we sometimes take for granted the investment of European Union funds into our county. There is nothing better than seeing tangible visual evidence such as these in the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park.

Wolla Bank ARFD.JPGWolla Bank AFRD.JPGThe most permanent evidence though is in Boston (set in stone!) 

The Puritan Vision.JPG