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Calling on Lincolnshire Pro Europeans to join the March for a People's Vote on June 23rd
29 Apr, 2018

On Saturday 23rd June on the anniversary of the referendum. pro Europeans from Lincolnshire will be joining tens of thousands of people in London for the March for a People’s Vote which will, for the first time, bring together ten major pro-EU campaigning organisations under the same banner, through central London.

Some members and supporters of the Lincolnshire European Movement have already made travel arrangements and others are enquiring about the possibility of coaches being organised. We encourage all pro Europeans in Lincolnshire to join this march to help make it the biggest march that the capital has ever seen. 

This is the big one. If you have never been on a march before, this is the one that you must go on. If you really want a say in the final deal, this is the one that you must go on. If you want to show that the will of the people has changed, this is the one you must go on. Our politicians need to feel the heat from the streets. It is up to us to generate it.

The campaign for a People's Vote was launched nationally on the weekend of 13th and 14th April with branch members taking part in a very successful street stall in Stamford. 

Further activities are being planned around the county and we ask anyone who is interested in taking part in local events to sign up as a volunteer If you would like to help arrange an event in your local area please contact us