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Lincolnshire unanimously chooses Free Trade over Immigration Controls
05 Dec, 2018

In a report commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign, written by Peter Kellner, former President of YouGov, one of Britain’s, most respected pollsters, data from nationwide polling undertaken during the first week of November reveals that in every Lincolnshire constituency, people prefer to choose free trade over immigration controls. This research demonstrates the claim that there is a majority in favour of border controls is now at odds with public opinion.


The report also highlights that support for a People’s Vote is increasing in every constituency, with Great Grimsby, Lincoln & Scunthorpe now overwhelmingly in support of a People’s Vote. Opinion in the constituencies of Brigg & Goole, Cleethorpes, Gainsborough and Grantham & Stamford was divided equally, with support for a People’s Vote building elsewhere in every other constituency.


John Bland, Chair of the Lincolnshire European Movement said: -

"As Peter Kellner infers in the opening paragraph of the report, Lincolnshire’s politicians should take the report as a clear warning, especially those who insist that the public mood has not shifted since the Brexit referendum two years ago. They should beware the private majority.The private majority comprise almost four in five of all voters. They are a broader group than the much-cited “silent majority”.

Most of them are more than happy to discuss Brexit with their friends, family and colleagues at work. But they have no direct contact with their MP and they don’t attend public meetings, call radio phone-ins or post their views on social media. Below the radar of party activists, journalists and social media analysts, many of them are having second thoughts about the wisdom leaving the European Union.

In Lincolnshire we are finding increasing numbers of people openly in support of the People’s Vote campaign and rapidly falling opposition to our campaign. With Brexit scheduled to take place in March, perhaps our politicians should beware of the ides of March"

The full report commissioned by the People's Vote campaign can be found here