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Less than 55 days for EU Citizens & Families to secure their rights in the UK by applying to the EU Settlement Scheme
15 May, 2021

There are now less than 55 days for EU Citizens and families to secure their rights in the UK by applying to the EU Settlement Scheme. There have been over 73,000 applications made in Lincolnshire but in some parts of the county applications have been low.The deadline to the EU Settlement Scheme is now less than 55 days away (30 June 2021). Those EU Citizens, including children, that fail to apply to the scheme will lose their rights to reside, rent, work, study, access the NHS and access benefits after the 30 June 2021.

Each EU, EEA and Swiss child needs their own application. Even if the child was born in the UK, they may not have British citizenship and will therefore need to apply to the scheme. There is a helpful factsheet that has been produced by the Charity Settled that offers more information.
The EU Settlement Scheme Support Team for Lincolnshire is administered by Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire and they are very concerned that many EU, EEA and Swiss children and their families in #Scunthorpe and across Lincolnshire (particularly in North Lincolnshire) may still be unaware of the EU Settlement Scheme and the importance of applying before the deadline. The team therefore need your help in raising awareness of the EU Settlement Scheme to EU, EEA and Swiss students and their parents.
Henderson Avenue Oasis Academy in Scunthorpe have already included the information on their school website and included information on our support project for parents that need it. Can you encourage a local school to include this information on their websites and help to spread the word?
The EUSS Project is funded by the Home Office to support EU Citizens in the county with the scheme and the project will go ahead beyond the deadline to also help citizens who have failed to apply or still have issues with an application.
The team are looking for people in North Lincolnshire who can help get the message out and have supplied posters that can be downloaded. There are three in total:-
They have also asked if we have members/supporters who are aware of vulnerable or hidden communities and how we can reach them in Scunthorpe and North Lincs. The team are trying to get back out into the community in the coming weeks to reach these isolated and vulnerable clients so any feedback or guidance on this in North Lincolnshire would be greatly appreciated. If you live in the North Lincolnshire area and can provide assistance please contact the Lincolnshire EU Settlement Support Team.
We also have access to posters in every European Language. If you would like one, please contact us stating the language and we will email you the appropriate version.
We will all pay a price for the Brexit that the Johnson Government has chosen to deliver. Lets keep the human price down to a minimum, by ensuring that all EU Nationals who have made their lives here, do not have their lives turned upside down, simply because they are unaware of the requirement to apply for Settled status.