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Don't let Sir John Hayes' dream become our nightmare
20 Aug, 2019

South Holland & the Deepings MP Sir John Hayes's latest column in Hayes in the House in which he calls for us to leave the European Union without delay demonstrates quite clearly that he has no care of the consequences in doing so under a No deal Brexit.

Lets look at some of his claims in detail:-

  •  "Britain - the world’s 5th biggest economy - flourished before the EU and can certainly do so again"


Lets remember where things were  before we joined the European Economic Community.  In 1950, UK’s per capita GDP was almost a third larger than the average of the 6 nations that originally formed the EEC; in 1973, it was about 10% below; it has been comparatively stable ever since. As a nation we were in decline. A decline halted after joining the EEC. Today we are indeed the World's 5 largest economy, but could not the fact that we are still in the EU and are part of the single market, benefiting from access to over 50 free trade agreements be something to do with it? 

  • "Despite much alarmist rhetoric, a no deal Brexit, far from signalling Armageddon, will signpost the route to new choices and new chances"


Was not the paper known as Yellowhammer produced for the Government?

  • "The UK and EU would be bound to reach numerous bilateral agreements ensuring the continuation of cooperation in areas of obvious and imperative mutual interest."


All agreements currently in place would need to be renegotiated in the event of us leaving?

  • "Yet, in truth, it seems that few within the ranks of the EU’s unelected bureaucracy are committed to reaching an amicable agreement with the UK."


Did we not have elections to the European Parliament recently? Is there not an indirectly elected Council of Ministers made up of government ministers from 28 member-states?

  • "That 751 Members of the European Parliament continue to make enormously consequential legislative decisions on behalf of 510 million people"


Didn't he just say there was an unelected bureaucracy? 

  • "Simultaneously, if the Europhiles get their way, the protection of nation states by well-trained soldiers, sailors and airmen, looks all but certain to be replaced by an implausible pan-European fighting force."


Didn't Churchill call for something similar in 1950? As it is what is being proposed is an idea of co-operation meaning that nations can collectively do more with less

  • "Much of the remainer elite now make no effort to hide their disdain for the referendum and its result, with Lib Dems and Green Party leaders boasting that even if the leave vote triumphed in a second referendum, they would continue in attempts to block the result’s implementation."


Has he not heard of The Conservative Group for Europe, Tories Against Brexit and Movement 46? In truth, the campaign for a Peoples Vote is a cross party campaign consisting of people from all walks of life and from all political persuasions.

  • "We must respond with renewed patriotic enthusiasm for our cause."


Sir John does not have a monopoly on patriotism, for we all want a what is best for our country. Neither does he have a monopoly on nationalism. He is just one of many nationalists who seem to be afraid of attempting to understand how the internationally connected World works.

We understand that it can be part of human nature if one does not understand something to pretend it doesn't exist, or to seek to disengage from it, but that does not make it go away.

The Brexit that Sir John Hayes wants is one of tariffs and disconnection from the outside World. A Brexit that will take our country back 50 years. A Brexit that will devastate the economy of South Holland that was built on the back of trade with our European neighbours.

Sir John Hayes has long dreamt of Brexit. His dream must not become our nightmare.

Write to the papers, write to your MP, phone your local radio station, and support our campaign to #LetUsBeHeard

Despite what Sir John has written, there is a reality that exists beyond Lincolnshire, as Lord Heseltine, President of the European Movement in the UK, like Sir John Hayes, a Conservative explains.