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07 Mar, 2018
George Smid: Nobody gets everything, may end up with everybody getting nothing
During the referendum campaign the Leavers were so obsessed with the concept of the EU as a superstate that they now see the EU as a state entity. It is not such a thing. There are 27 independent countries.
05 Mar, 2018
Brexit: What it means for fisheries & seafood
Friday 16th March, Grimsby Town Hall, Town Hall Square, Grimsby DN31...
Lord Davies of Stamford speaks out
12 Feb, 2018
During the recent Second reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill in the House of...
2017 - The year of political U-Turns
21 Jan, 2018
  'Remainer’ and ‘Remoaner’ were often used words in 2017. Remoaners are not happy...
We wish you all a Merry Christmas
24 Dec, 2017
We would like to wish everyone in Lincolnshire and beyond a very Merry Christmas....
Give Parliament a Proper Vote on the Brexit Deal
30 Nov, 2017
As our MP's are currently debating amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which could...
George Smid: No deal Brexit must mean staying in the EU
23 Nov, 2017
Deal or No Deal – in the game show you either accept the offer...
Hundreds take part in East Midlands Regional Rally
17 Oct, 2017
On Saturday more than 200 people gathered by the Brian Clough Memorial Statue in...
Lincolnshire Campaigning Experiences
14 Oct, 2017
Over the last few weeks one of our newer members Simon Gardner has been...
Calling on all on Pro-Europeans in the East Midlands to gather in Nottingham
27 Sep, 2017
Stop Brexit East Midlands Regional Rally in Nottingham