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10 Jun, 2018
George Smid: Just get on with Brexit
There is a ‘Brexit fatigue’ malady going around the land. It is affecting Leavers and Remainers alike. The disorder disturbs the mind – whenever the affected person sees, hears or reads anything about Brexit (which is every day) he or she exclaims “for God’s sake get on with it’ – and don’t bother me anymore.
08 Jun, 2018
Ask your MP to support the Lords amendments.
We call on everyone who shares our concern about the proposals but forward by the Government and the Opposition front bench  to contact their MP and ask them to vote to approve the Lords amendments when they are debated on 12th June. Clearly just one day will not be enough time to do such a critical debate justice, so start by asking your MP to support a motion to increase the time available for the debate when it is tabled on the morning of 12th June.
Recording of #SpaldingBrexit released
03 Jun, 2018
On Friday 25th May, 200 people attended our Brexit Dialogue event at the South...
George Smid: Time to pause Brexit and plan again
21 May, 2018
It’s the time of the year when we prepare our holidays. It needs a...
Ken Clarke to lead Spalding Brexit Dialogue
18 May, 2018
The Lincolnshire Branch of the European Movement continues its series of events under the...
Lord Adonis campaigns in Lincoln
07 May, 2018
Our second campaign stall in Lincoln took place on Saturday 5th May at the...
Calling on Lincolnshire Pro Europeans to join the March for a People's Vote on June 23rd
29 Apr, 2018
On Saturday 23rd June on the anniversary of the referendum. pro Europeans from Lincolnshire...
George Smid: When leaving does not make sense
15 Apr, 2018
The housing market is booming. The mortgage interest rate is low. And your growing...
Lincoln campaigning gets underway
27 Mar, 2018
On Saturday 24th March, to coincide with national events such as the Great Northern...
Calling all remainers! Secure a EU cherished number plate
10 Mar, 2018
As part of general fundraising efforts one of our supporters has secured the cherished...