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23 Nov, 2017
George Smid: No deal Brexit must mean staying in the EU
Deal or No Deal – in the game show you either accept the offer or stay in the game.
17 Oct, 2017
Hundreds take part in East Midlands Regional Rally
On Saturday more than 200 people gathered by the Brian Clough Memorial Statue in Nottingham to take part in The East Midlands #StopBrexit Regional Rally supported by the Lincolnshire Branch of the European Movement.
Lincolnshire Campaigning Experiences
14 Oct, 2017
Over the last few weeks one of our newer members Simon Gardner has been...
Calling on all on Pro-Europeans in the East Midlands to gather in Nottingham
27 Sep, 2017
Stop Brexit East Midlands Regional Rally in Nottingham
George Smid: Instead of leaving, the UK may end up being kicked out of the EU
26 Sep, 2017
George Smid: Instead of leaving, the UK may end up being kicked out of...
George Smid: Brexit – crash in or crash out?
26 Aug, 2017
No sooner had Messrs Hammond and Fox published a joint article to show ‘unity...
Showing What the EU has done for Lincolnshire
25 Jul, 2017
Lincolnshire has a great heritage which forms a key component of the tourism offering...
Could our European Citizenship be retained individually?
07 May, 2017
During our last telephone conference call we were joined by Liz Webster who is...
Lincolnshire European Movement members pay tribute to Westminster Bridge victims.
27 Mar, 2017
Following the tragic events that unfolded around Westminster Bridge last Wednesday it was decided...