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17 Feb, 2019
Dr Stewart Tolley: The Cost of Brexit
It is fair to say that Brexiters love Professor Patrick Minford. The heterodox economist is routinely praised by Jacob Rees Mogg for his ‘remarkable track record’. Nigel Farage in 2015 called him a ‘top economist’ whilst citing analysis from Breitbart by another prominent Brexiteer, Raheem Kassam. This should not be surprising; Minford and his group Economists for Brexit, are the only ‘experts’ to predict any kind of positive economic benefit from Britain’s departure from the EU.
24 Jan, 2019
50 Questions that advocates of ‘No Deal’ must answer
Those advocating no deal have for far too long dodged scrutiny. Many of the claims made for no deal are inconsistent, contradictory or misleading, and it is clear that there is little agreement among proponents of no deal about precisely what it would entail or how ‘managed’ it would be. We therefore set out 50 questions posed by the People's Vote campaign which we call on those in Lincolnshire who are advocating a no deal to answer in full.
First Community Meeting in Grimsby
06 Jan, 2019
I would like to thank everyone who attended the first community meeting in Grimsby...
Merry Christmas
24 Dec, 2018
We would like to take this opportunity thank you for your ongoing support and...
Lincolnshire unanimously chooses Free Trade over Immigration Controls
05 Dec, 2018
In a report commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign, written by Peter Kellner, former...
Lincolnshire European Movement joins over 100 groups in urging the EU to keep door open for No Brexit
26 Nov, 2018
Lincolnshire European Movement have joined Pro-EU groups from across the UK in making a...
Opinion: Possibly the worst deal in history
20 Nov, 2018
Lincolnshire voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union, following a campaign that included a...
Jason J Hunter to speak in South Holland
10 Nov, 2018
Here is an opportunity to hear from someone who has been on the front...
Record numbers from Lincolnshire march for a People's Vote
23 Oct, 2018
On Saturday record numbers from Lincolnshire travelled to London to march for a People's...
Coach to London confirmed
11 Oct, 2018
The Lincolnshire European Movement has organised a Coach from Lincoln to London for our...