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20 Aug, 2019
Don't let Sir John Hayes' dream become our nightmare
South Holland & the Deepings MP Sir John Hayes's latest column in Hayes in the House in which he calls for us to leave the European Union without delay demonstrates quite clearly that he has no care of the consequences in doing so under a No deal Brexit.
26 Jul, 2019
The Impact of ‘No Deal’ on Rural Communities
One of the most difficult parts of the 2016 referendum to explain is the higher than average support...
Dunkirk Spirit
05 Jun, 2019
Those who lived through the dark days of the two World Wars are with...
Non UK EU Nationals can vote in the UK
28 Apr, 2019
Non UK EU nationals living in the UK can vote in the European Parliamentary...
European Elections in the East Midlands
20 Apr, 2019
Every 5 years since 1979 voters in Lincolnshire have had the opportunity to elect...
Statement on Nick Boles Resignation
02 Apr, 2019
We share Nick Boles's frustrations that so many of his parliamentary colleagues have continuously...
Brexit: What it means for Lincolnshire
25 Mar, 2019
In Lincolnshire, our local businesses – especially the agriculture, food processing and manufacturing sectors...
Lincoln Coach sells out, second coach booked!
16 Mar, 2019
We arranged a coach from Lincoln which sold out in 18 days and due to popular...
Lincolnshire to gain €375.6m in funding?
03 Mar, 2019
Figures released last month by the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) show that...
Lincoln Students to launch Europe Group
24 Feb, 2019
Students at Lincoln University have joined together to form a pro European Group which...