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20 Apr, 2019
European Elections in the East Midlands
Every 5 years since 1979 voters in Lincolnshire have had the opportunity to elect Members of the European Parliament. The next elections are due to be held across Europe between 23 May and 26 May. A total of 751 MEPs currently represent more than 512 million people from 28 member states. The UK has 73 seats. If a Brexit deal is not agreed beforehand, the UK will take part in elections on Thursday 23 May 2019.
02 Apr, 2019
Statement on Nick Boles Resignation
We share Nick Boles's frustrations that so many of his parliamentary colleagues have continuously failed to seek a compromise that the narrowness of the 2016 referendum result demanded. Indeed, the actions of the Government to seek to appease a small element within it's party ranks, instead of promoting a solution that the whole country might be able to unite behind is one of the reason's why support for a People's Vote on the final deal has continued to gain momentum. We recognise the huge political price that Nick Boles has paid in order to promote a compromise, including his own compromise to support the proposal for a confirmatory vote in one final attempt to secure support for Common Market 2.0.
Brexit: What it means for Lincolnshire
25 Mar, 2019
In Lincolnshire, our local businesses – especially the agriculture, food processing and manufacturing sectors...
Lincoln Coach sells out, second coach booked!
16 Mar, 2019
We arranged a coach from Lincoln which sold out in 18 days and due to popular...
Lincolnshire to gain €375.6m in funding?
03 Mar, 2019
Figures released last month by the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) show that...
Lincoln Students to launch Europe Group
24 Feb, 2019
Students at Lincoln University have joined together to form a pro European Group which...
Coach Tickets to London march now on sale
22 Feb, 2019
We are pleased to announce that tickets for coach travel from Lincoln to London...
Our #PutItToThePeople march plans
18 Feb, 2019
To establish levels of interest in coaches from Lincoln to London for supporters to...
Dr Stewart Tolley: The Cost of Brexit
17 Feb, 2019
It is fair to say that Brexiters love Professor Patrick Minford. The heterodox economist...
50 Questions that advocates of ‘No Deal’ must answer
24 Jan, 2019
Those advocating no deal have for far too long dodged scrutiny. Many of the...