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About Us

Who we are?

The Lincolnshire branch of the European Movement was founded on the 14th February 2017. We are a cross party pro European organisation covering the County of Lincolnshire.

Our aims

  • To promote awareness of the European Union.
  • To disseminate a positive image of the European Union & Britain’s role in Europe.
  • To campaign to remain a permanent member of the European Union.
  • To further the aims of European Movement UK by undertaking relevant activities.

What we do 

We act as a conduit for Europeans of all nationalities living and working in Lincolnshire to have their voice heard and we reach out to local people to promote understanding, cohesion, co-operation and unity between all citizens of European Nations living in Lincolnshire and beyond. 

We do this by running campaigning stalls, seeking to attract authoritative speakers to Lincolnshire to take part in public meetings and by organising social events for members and supporters, and taking part in and promoting national and regional events as considered appropriate

How to join us

All members of European Movement UK and Young European Movement are automatically members of the Lincolnshire branch. 

We welcome corporate membership applications from any business or organisation that supports our aims at a rate to be agreed by our executive committee in consultation with European Movement UK on a case by case basis