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A Humbug of a deal
25 Dec, 2020

Well Boris delivered a deal. In doing so he has avoided the imposition on tariffs on our imports and exports. That is about as good as it gets.

This deal is in fact a humbug of a deal, as it means that we will be losing much that we have taken for granted, and much that we have all benefited from. This deal does not take us forward, it takes us backward.

We lose the following benefits as a result of this deal:-

  • Pet Passports.
  • Visa free travel beyond 90 days.
  • No mobile roaming charges.
  • Frictionless Trade.
  • Zero Sanitary and phytosanitary checks at the border.
  • Access to free trade deals negotiated by the EU.
  • Financial servicing passporting.
  • Easy recognition of professional qualifications.
  • UK carriers will no longer have full access to the EU aviation single market.
  • UK transport companies will no longer have access to the EU single market for transport services.
  • UK Energy companies will no longer have access to the EU internal energy market.
  • UK students will no longer be able to benefit from the Erasmus programme.
  • UK will have no access to EU Covid recovery funding.
  • UK will have no access to encrypted military signals from the Galileo satelite system.

Subject to conditions, we retain in part:-

  •  Right to work, study, live in another EU country.
  • Simplified customs arrangements.
  • Zero tariffs and quotas on exports provided EU rules of origin are met.
  • A fishing agreement.
  • Bilateral agreements with EU member states for air cargo transported outside of the EU passing through the UK.
  • Cross border access for UK hauliers.
  • Access to EU energy platforms.
  • Access to EU programmes available to third countries such as Horizon, Euratom and EU satellite surveillance & tracking services.

We retain in full:-

  • Visa free travel up to 90 days.
  • Zero tariffs or quotas.

The above are the highlights flagged up by the EU. Further details can be obtained on the European Commission website.

Lincolnshire will not be immune from the loss of these benefits, and Lincolnshire European Movement, will be supporting the European Movement to hold the Government and our local MP's to account for allowing these benefits to be lost.

Brexit may now be a done deal. However we deserve better. Over the years to come we will be campaigning for much better than that which has been delivered. Lincolnshire was built on trade with Europe. Whether it be the Hanseatic League which enabled Boston to flourish 800 years ago, or the European Union which has benefited the County immensely, just as light follows the darkness, it is inevitable that, in time, there will be much wider appreciation of what has been lost.

Lincolnshire European Movement has more registered supporters than ever before. We have the potential to be one of the largest membership organisations in the county. If you are one of them and you believe that Lincolnshire needs the UK to have a better relationship with the European Union, please join us



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