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50 Questions that advocates of ‘No Deal’ must answer
24 Jan, 2019

Those advocating no deal have for far too long dodged scrutiny. Many of the claims made for no deal are inconsistent, contradictory or misleading, and it is clear that there is little agreement among proponents of no deal about precisely what it would entail or how ‘managed’ it would be. 

We therefore set out 50 questions posed by the People's Vote campaign which we call on those in Lincolnshire who are advocating a no deal to answer. 

  1. What would be the cost to the UK economy of a no deal Brexit?
  2. Do you anticipate there being a transition period as part of your plan?
  3. How much would you be prepared to pay for access to the EU single market?
  4. Do you anticipate any consequences for refusing to pay the “divorce bill”?
  5. How long do you expect Britain’s accession to the WTO as an individual member to take, and what do you make of news reports that this may get blocked by current members?
  6. How long would it take for us to reach a free trade agreement with the EU?
  7. How long would it take to renegotiate our free trade agreements with over 70 countries?
  8. What would happen to UK research projects currently in receipt of EU funding?
  9. How will you ensure Parliamentary approval for no deal?
  10. How will you ensure UK insurance contracts remain valid and recognised in the EU?
  11. How will the UK meet its reporting obligations under current EU CO2 emissions targets?
  12. Can you guarantee that there would be no shortages of medicines under no deal?
  13. How will you honour the Good Friday Agreement under no deal?
  14. How would you avoid a hard border in Ireland after no deal?
  15. Does your plan guarantee the residency rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK?
  16. How would the UK retain an economic sanctions policy as powerful as our current one as part of the EU single market?
  17. How would students continue to be able to participate in Erasmus+ student exchange programmes?
  18. What would keep UK phone providers from reintroducing roaming charges for holidaymakers in the EU?
  19. What would happen to the validity of UK driving licenses in the EU?
  20. Would you countenance a lorry park on the M20 or elsewhere in Kent?
  21. Can you guarantee that there would be no reduction whatsoever to UK workers’ rights?
  22. Can you guarantee that there would be no reduction whatsoever to UK environmental legislation?
  23. How can you guarantee the safe handling, transport, and storage of radioactive materials outside Euratom without a deal
  24. How will the electricity import and export via the UK-EU interconnectors in the North Sea be controlled and regulated?
  25. What would happen to the Single Energy Market, covering the island of Ireland?
  26. How would UK police retain access to EU information sharing systems that help catch criminals?
  27. Would the UK keep access to EU medical trials databases like EudraVigilance and EudraCT?
  28. How would UK companies be able to defend themselves against unfair trading practices in European markets?
  29. Can you guarantee funding at current levels for farming and fishing?
  30. Can you guarantee ESF and ERDF funding at current levels for UK social initiatives and regional development?
  31. How would you ensure no skills shortages would occur in UK industries as a result of losing free movement?
  32. How long would negotiations for Britain to join the WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement take?
  33. What impact would paying the EU’s common external tariff have on British exporters?
  34. What goods would the UK impose zero tariffs on, given that under WTO rules such tariffs would have to be applied to all WTO countries?
  35. Would the UK’s new tariff schedule be subject to approval by Parliament?
  36. Are British customs facilities prepared for a large increase in imports from non EU countries?
  37. Can you guarantee British citizens living in the EU will not lose their current rights?
  38. How prepared are our government services for the return of large numbers of retired British expats?
  39. Can you guarantee that the Le Touquet agreement, which allows British border officials to operate in France, will be unaffected?
  40. Would British organisations still have access to the European Investment Bank?
  41. Would there be enough ECMT permits available for British hauliers who need to go to the EU?
  42. Can you guarantee visa free travel to the EU after no deal?
  43. Will British citizens be able to benefit from the European Health Insurance card?
  44. How would no deal affect Civil Judicial Cooperation between the UK and EU countries?
  45. What would keep European competitors from copying British products such as Stilton Cheese that are currently protected in the EU under its geographical indicator scheme?
  46. What would happen to the value of Sterling under a no deal Brexit?
  47. Do you agree with Economists for Brexit’s Professor Patrick Minford when he says a no deal Brexit would “mostly eliminate manufacturing”?
  48. How many new civil servants and how much additional public expenditure would be needed if the UK were to leave the EU with no deal?
  49. Would British food exports to the EU be subject to sanitary checks on entry, and how would this affect these exports?
  50. Do you anticipate UK participation in the Galileo scheme under no deal?